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Thompson, Fennell & Associates is a psychological and counseling practice dedicated to professional excellence with caring involvement. We assist individuals and families toward personal, relational, and spiritual wholeness.

As therapists, we are growth facilitators. We help people in understanding themselves and their problems, and aid in the development of more effective coping strategies for life. We are also skilled in helping individuals establish or improve interpersonal and family relationships. We are trained to be caregivers of the mind and emotions.

We believe in the need for a caring and supportive relationship as the basis for lasting change. Therapy is provided in a trustful, positive manner where individuals can establish new ways of coping with past and current problems.  At Thompson, Fennell and Associates, we believe in the healing power of love.  Our philosophy involves a sincere belief in the dignity and worth of every individual,  We have a deep concern for the emotional, relational and spiritual health of individuals coming for help. The clinicians at Thompson, Fennell and Associates are interested in understanding and treating the whole person -- the thoughts, feelings, behaviors, and values of each individual and every couple coming for assistance.

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